The Gossip Of Trees 1.jpg


2013 Moon days

Chaitow introduces dreamlike narratives in her exhibition Moon Days. Whimsical landscapes that feature curious trees and odd-shaped rocks are populated by an array of animals – several distinctive deer, a parliament of owls, a few bats, and a parrot. This intriguing crowd populate her works alongside wispy human figures and oversize angels that float and pop up in fantastic pastel places. Like George Orwell’s characters in Animal Farm –the more you look from the outside it becomes impossible to say whether Chaitow’s bunch are more human or animal. The effect of viewing these paintings is like listening to a fairy tale. With one foot in the Gothic and the other in the now, magic happens while viewers are seduced into a cryptic and uncertain story of their own making.

Sharne Wolff

The Art Life


Zoologica Group Show Stella Downer Fine Art Gallery