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2016 A cup of sea to sail in - paintings

2016 A cup of sea to sail in

"We set off in boats. The stars were the lights on top of the masts. We didn't know that stars are like fossils, imprints of the past, sending light like a message, like a dying wish. We set off in boats, thought we'd sail to the rim of the world and slip over the edge like a raft on a waterfall, spinning to the place we knew existed, if we dared to find it."  
A gap in time. Jeanette Winterson

Early explorers set off into the unknown. They circled the world like satellites aiming to reinvent themselves and rewrite history. Guided only by the moon and stars they searched the Unknown for freedom and a piece of land. The traveller and eternity under the vast cloudless sky. 

The moon circles the earth once every 28 days. She must find the reflection of its fullness in the sea, and then slowly turn her face away as if searching for something new or looking for something lost a long time ago. And so we continue as the explorers of our hopes. History repeats itself. Our brief excursions through time leave barely a trace. 
We travel through life heavily bound by our expectations and disappointments. We are like turtles flying through the sky. Guided by starlight we set sail on our paper boats. We are inconsequential against the elements. All our hopes and dreams are like a pocket of air in an upturned boat as we struggle to find our way in the dark. We find our reflections, full, in the sea, and we slowly turn our faces away
In the image and likeness of the moon, we rewrite ourselves.